#DearMe: A letter to my new blogger self


I wanted to put a twist on the “write a letter to your younger self” idea. So I wrote a letter to my new blogger self instead.

I made a TON of mistakes as a new blogger and sometimes lost focus of what I wanted to accomplish when I originally decided to blog.

But all of the moments both good and bad has helped me and made me a master learner…you should always keep learning! Hopefully this letter will resonate with someone, anyone looking to get into blogging either as a hobby or as a career.

Here’s the advice I gave to my new blogger self:

Dear Samantha:

Blogging is a lot harder than you may think and will get a bit overwhelming at times but you’ll enjoy yourself and will learn new things that will help in shaping who you are.

The design of your blog is important but what you say and how you say it matters even more.

Learn and be inspired by others but never feel like you need to be or sound like them.

You’ll read helpful advice from experienced bloggers but the real lesson will come from actually doing it yourself.

Focus more on connecting with readers and less about attracting traffic. Although having high traffic is great, It isn’t enough. Generating high traffic and knowing that readers have learned something from you and will want to return and continue to learn from you is even better!

You’re not being fancy by using big words when you blog. Most of the time your readers have no idea what they mean and will lose focus of what you have to say, because they’ll probably be distracted trying to figure out just what the heck you are trying to say.

Lastly, love to blog and be in love with what you are blogging about. The moment it isn’t a fun activity it will become a daunting task and your readers will notice and your writing will become uninteresting.

Write then edit, don’t do both at the same time.