#Recipe: Creamy vegan macaroni & cheese


*This is day 4 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge*

I was once a vegan for a year after a bad experience with dissecting a baby pig in college. Let’s just say the experience sent me running for fruits and vegetables and refusing to eat anything with eyes or that moved without the assistance of the elements.

During my year as a vegan I threw myself into the vegan lifestyle and it was amazing. I had so much energy and I hardly was sick. I mean no colds, no upset stomachs, no headaches, nada. It was great. I also learned how to prepare vegan meals that didn’t only consist of vegetables, similar to this mac and cheese recipe I’m about to share with you!

My family loves this stuff and the taste is nom nom, as my son says every time he takes a bite. Even though I’m no longer vegan, I still enjoy this meal every now and again. I find it simple to make and I think you will too.
This particular recipe is a modified version of The Pioneer Woman’s mac and cheese recipe. I love the way she prepares food and loved making her version of creamy mac and cheese. So I veganized it and here it is!



  1. Alice November 5, 2015

    Great recipe, had never thought of mac & cheese being a vegan option. Will print it (great feature btw) for when vegan guests visit.

    • Samantha G. November 5, 2015

      Thanks Alice! Yes, and it’s really delicious. A lot of the food my husband eats is vegan so he’s tried different types of vegan mac and cheese dishes and he enjoys this one the most.


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