#Life: Why I randomly turn off my phone and avoid social media (and why you should too!)


*This is Day 12 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge*

During this past week, I’ve gone on a mini hiatus from blogging and writing. I’m taking part in this amazing blogging experience, the 30-day blogging challenge, and it is teaching me a lot. But I’m also learning the value of having a life offline.

So many of our phones are practically glued to the palms of our hands that when it isn’t there, we feel naked. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve walked into the bathroom without my cellphone. And the thought of what life was like before them scares me. Perhaps it’s just a millennial thing, but social media has become a big part of how I communicate with others and keep in touch with relatives.

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And it has even gone from being just a phone to a handheld computer. There’s nothing wrong with this so long as there is a balance. If most of our conversations are via texting, Facebook messaging, or Twitter are we really having a conversation? Trust me I get it, it’s easier to text someone versus calling them and having moments where you sit in awkward silence but I kind of miss awkward silence during phone calls. Weird, I know.

The same can be said about our computers. Some of our computers stay on so we don’t have to wait for it to start up when we’re ready to use them. Our email accounts stayed logged in because we check it every hour on the hour and that’s if we’re not checking it on our phone right after we exit from one app to go into another.

While the Internet and social media has connected the world in phenomenal ways, it’s also made us dependent on it. Dependent for communication, to stay entertained, and informed. But all that blue light especially before bed can affect your sleep and your health.

That’s why it’s important to unplug every so often to just be present and be aware. We all have problems. We all have gone through something at one time in our lives. And a lot of us have yet to deal with it because we have distractions keeping us preoccupied. So we find comfort in things outside of ourselves like social media and looking for validation from it. And while it can encourage it shouldn’t be self-sustaining.

It’s important for all of us to find relief in ourselves. The only time we have a moment alone with our thoughts shouldn’t be right before bed. And the cellphone shouldn’t be the first thing we reach for moments after our eyes open in the morning. The exception is when you’re turning off your alarm.

Instagram has become our daily newspaper. And Facebook and Twitter is our minute by minute news station on everyone’s life. We know when our friends or strangers aren’t home, when they’re on vacation, what they ate today, who they’re in a relationship with, and when they’ve gotten something new. It’s a little creepy to put it like that but it’s true. Personal moments like the birth of a child is shared moments after the kid is born. An-hour-old newborn already has a picture published online for the World Wide Web to see, copy, paste or screen shot.

This is not a bash against social media or cellphones. There are many pros to the easy access we have to the Internet and the connections that are able to be made with people all across the world. My point is only to say it’s important to unplug from social media and turn off our phones to keep our sanity offline. After all, it’s your experiences offline that gives you something to talk about online and not just be a voyeur or live vicariously through others. That’s why I unplug every now and again, and why I believe everyone should too.

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