#NaNoWriMo: Day 24 – Lazy writing cheats and passing 50K to complete my novel


So first, sorry I missed Day 20 as promised. But chile, I went on a writing binge for the past few days. Think Netflix and chill but write, more writing, no chill. I was disappointed about falling behind in Nanowrimo that I told myself that I would get to 50,000 words by any means necessary. There’s something about stating publicly that I will do something and then failing at it that rubs me the wrong way. So I stopped blogging, rearranged writing assignments, and increased my daily word count.

I reached almost 14,000 words when we last spoke and at the rate I was going; I wasn’t going to get to 50K until December so I did the math and determined that I would need to write at least 5,000 words a day to get to the end goal. And it wasn’t easy. I had to split my new word count goal in half and write 2,500 words in the morning and then another 2,500 in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping. Some days I reached the 5K a day and others I settled for just 2,500. I Did this from November 17th. Today I’ve only logged in 2,000 words so far.

Nanowrimo_Day_24_SamanthaGWrites.ComHow I Discovered a Lazy Writing Cheat during Nanowrimo

Getting out of bed and sitting up to write was the hardest thing for me this challenge. It might have a lot to do with spending most of my day running behind my 3-year-old and life getting the best of me. So I had to figure out how I could still lounge in bed and write. So the solution was doing most of my writing from my phone while in bed via my Microsoft Word doc app. Once done, I would save it to my OneDrive (a cloud) then when I could get to my computer, open the doc in Word and copy the text then paste it into Scrivener.

Some straight MacGyver type ish, I know, but it helped. As an extra safety precaution (I’ve heard horror stories about lost files and deleted stories) I emailed every single chapter written and saved on my OneDrive to my personal email.

Even if you don’t have the Word doc app, you can use your phone’s notepad or whatever app allows you to type text on a blank page. I needed to make things easier for me. Getting out of bed was the culprit, so I figured out how I could stay in bed and still reach my word count. Boom!

Instead of logging into Nanowrimo’s website and logging in my word counts, I kept track of my daily word count using an Excel sheet that I found via this Nano forum. As of this writing, I’m at 48,241 words. According to the counter, I have 1,759 words left to reach the goal of 50K words written in one month. But here’s the damn thing, my novel is NOT DONE! Tears almost pooled in my eyes when I noticed that the book has some ways to go to be complete. There’s at least two chapters left, maybe even more because my story keeps evolving. I could have kept to the original outline I created but then the story would have been dull, and I’m trying to avoid that.

My novel last year was about 52K words but with the editing, I feel it has ballooned to more words so hopefully me being close to 50K and not done is a good sign. Probably means less editing? Either way, I’m happy! I’m close to reaching one part of the goal to finish the challenge at 50K. Now my focus is on reaching the final goal of finishing my second novel. There’s still time, I have 7 more days. I will ease off of the 5k a day because it takes a lot out of me, and I’m not trying to go crazy. It was a last ditch effort to catch up and I could have given up. But dammit, like the quote says “she said she could, so she did.” Click To Tweet

I plan to validate my novel tomorrow morning and will continue writing it until it’s done.

My next and final update will be next Monday, November 30. I’ll also check back in after the challenge is over with a roundup post. Hopefully Loyalty is Fiction will be done by then…fingers crossed. To keep up with me during the final leg of the Nanowrimo challenge, follow me on Twitter under the handle @samanthagwrites. I post most of what’s happening with my writing there along with other things. Once the book is complete, trust me, you’ll know!

Congratulations to all the writers who have made it to 50K, you did it, woot!!! And good luck to all the writers out there still working on getting to 50K. You got this!

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