#Nanowrimo: Day 30 – My final word count and lessons learned


Yay, I did it!! Get out the confetti, balloons, and sounds of chilled champagne bottles popping everywhere! I made it to day 30 without losing my entire mind. It hasn’t been easy, and I had moments where I wondered what I was thinking getting myself into this the second time around. But I’m happy that I stuck it out.

Nanowrimo_Day30_SamanthaGWrites.ComLike I explained in day 24, I had to go above and beyond to get caught up with Nanowrimo. This included increasing my word count to make up for the days I didn’t write. And while I finished my novel last year with under 55K, this year I’ve gone past that amount and I’m still not done.

As of this post, my final count is 59,793 words. I didn’t keep up with the 5k a day routine after getting caught up; I needed a break. But I learned valuable lessons this challenge.


One of those lessons was to not pile on more than I can handle. When I started Nanowrimo, I was also taking part in a 30-day blogging challenge, working with my toddler on his speech, and running a copywriting business. This was a big difference from last year when my son didn’t need as much attention, I didn’t have as many clients as I do now, and I wasn’t blogging like that.

When you commit to a challenge as big as writing a book in a month, time is of the essence. And it requires a lot of attention which means you shouldn’t give your attention to things that aren’t a priority. I’ll definitely take part in the 30-day blogging challenge next year, but doing both almost had me going crazy.

Anyway, what’s next for Loyalty is Fiction? First, I need to finish it. I estimate two more chapters before the book is complete. Then I plan to release Loyalty is Fiction as individual chapters until the book is ready for publishing to build a platform and audience. I will do the same with my first Nanowrimo book She Vacationed in Hell once it’s edited too. I’ll let you know when the first chapters go up and where to find them.

I’m excited for 2016 because of these books! Don’t know if I’ll take part in next year’s Nanowrimo, but I plan to write another book or two in 2016. I also plan to invest in software that will make the planning and writing process much easier than it was with these two books. One of my goals for 2016 is to do more creative writing and to submit to a few writing contests so new software will be perfect.

Another thing that Nanowrimo has taught me, which is more of a reminder from my first year, is that with the right planning and me making a commitment to my commitment, writing multiple books in a year is possible. You just need to know where you are spending your time and make the most of it. We all have the same amount of hours as the most successful people in the world. Whether it’s waking up a little earlier, going to sleep late, or skipping our favorite shows to get the results we want, we have to do it.

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If you made it to 50K this month, congratulations!!! And if you didn’t, no biggie, just keep writing! The most important thing is that you finish your book. You already did the hard part, starting it. So just keep going until you get to the end!

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