#Life: How to grow through life instead of go through life


Instead of having breakfast at Tiffany’s last December, I had breakfast and an epiphany. For close to 30 years, I must admit with much embarrassment I have been going through life without real goals. I’d make the occasional New Year’s Resolution because it was the thing to do but then by February I had forgotten all about the stuff I said I wanted to do and focused on the things I had to do.

Goal_Setting_SamanthaGWritesBut then it hit me. The only reason I had a laser focus on the things I had to do was because I was letting life dictate my next moves. I’d read about goal setting but I never really understood what it entailed.

“So, you have something in mind you want and then you say you want it and then you’ll get it… DONE! Right?”

Not quite.

“Ok, so then I say what I want and then I get it, right?”

Close, but you’re just missing one little but very important step.

Are you telling everyone that this year will be your year but you’re not taking the steps to make sure it’s more than just a dream but a reality in the making? Do you know what you want to do and know how to get it, but you’re putting it off until tomorrow or next Monday to do it? Sounds familiar?

It’s still early in the year so in the event you’ve slacked on those goals, consider this your lightbulb moment.

“How do you NOT know all of this already Samantha?”

This is obviously not for you Mr. and Mrs. Judgmental. You clearly have it all figured out. Much respect to you, but please sit down. We’ll tap your shoulder in a moment to find out how you do that thing you do that makes you a saint.

The photo used in this post was originally posted by Erykah Badu and published to a Facebook group I follow by I thoughtful sister. I swear Ms. Badu is from another planet, a planet I want to go, live on and build a house and never leave. And she’s right. It’s called real goal setting and it’ll help you grow through life instead of go through it.

You think it. You write it. You plan it. And you do it. Click To Tweet

I usually get stuck at the write it part. I’ll know what I want and will write my goals down. I’ll even buy a fancy journal that I’ve spent a grip on just to write down all the things I want to accomplish that year not knowing that this is just a small part of achieving my goals.

I had everything except for a plan. A really thought out, mapped out, detailed plan.

A plan is a powerful thing. Having a goal and having a plan is so important to getting where you want to be in life. To wake up every morning without a clear plan to get you closer to where happy lives is wasted time. Everything we do every day should be actions that get us closer to the person we want to be.

I’m not saying drop everything in your life and focus ONLY on your goals. We all have responsibilities whether it be our kids, our jobs, our families, etc. But we should take new steps every day, mapped out in our plans, to get us closer to our end goals. I believe the source of our happiness is self-fulfillment. We all want that one thing whether it be in the form of a better job, that new car, losing weight, living in that house, finding love, enlightenment…we want it because we want to feel fulfilled.

Setting goals, planning the steps to get there, and taking action is key to making it happen. Click To Tweet

Will it be easy, no girl (or boy). Life is definitely going to get in the way sometimes. I guess it’s the struggle that makes us fall into that comfortable place of just letting life take the wheel. But learning to see the struggle as part of the process can keep you in that winning mindset.

Get rid of the things that are standing in the way of you achieving your goals and growing through life. Write your goals down, plan it, then put action towards it, no matter how small it is. Instead of only looking at the big picture, break that thing down into easy to do tasks and take the first step then move at your own pace. Remind yourself why you want what you want every day. Live on purpose and just be consistent. The action will become so much of a habit that even if you tried you won’t be able to stop doing it because it will become a part of you.

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