#ShortStory: Read My Short Story ‘HindSight’ From The Summer 2016 24-Hour Short Story Contest!

Long time no write, right? It’s been like FOREVER since I last blogged but I haven’t been slacking on my writing.

In fact, this summer I participated for the first time in the summer 2016 24-Hour Short Story Contest.

How it works is you’re emailed a short story topic on a specific day and you have 24-hours to come up with and write a short story that falls beneath a certain word count.


Writing Hindsight wasn’t the hard part. Chiseling it down to the designated word count was what drove me a little crazy.

I didn’t win, but my story Hindsight did get an honorable mention which to me was a good boost in confidence for someone who has never entered a short story contest of any kind.

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