I’m a Freelance Copy + Content Writer for Hire!


Freelance_Content_Writer_Copywriter_For_HireWelcome to my ISG (I’m so great) page! But seriously, if you clicked into this page you may be interested in hiring me to contribute content or you’re just curious about what I do when I’m not blogging here.

I’ve been freelance writing since 2009, writing over 500 articles on topics that range from entertainment to lifestyle and content for businesses and entrepreneurs. I love what I do and love lending my writing skills to business owners and website/magazine editors.

During my writing career, I moderated a music blog for 6 years, so I’ve got blog management experience. I co-hosted Music Choice’s music show “Certified” where I contributed commentary on the latest and greatest in music for three seasons, so I’ve got on-air experience. I’ve written for websites like Examiner, AXS, WeTV, and Huffington Post, and have interviewed celebs/artists like LeToya Luckette, Keke Wyatt, KRS One, Swizz Beatz, and Phylicia Rashad to name a few, so I know how to conduct interviews, transcribe, and create well-rounded articles.

On the business writing side, I’m HubSpot Inbound Certified. This means I know how to create content for businesses looking to attract customers, increase engagement, and influence sales. And I’m Hootsuite Certified, which means I know my way around social media and can create short engaging posts that’ll get an audience’s attention. I know SEO and have gotten my clients on the first page of Google with informative and useful content laced with their specified keywords.

What haven’t I told you yet? Right my personality! I’m a self-starter and fast learner and can adapt my writing style to a brand’s voice. I have an eye for spotting errors so the copy and content I provide is of high quality. I’m creative and flexible, and can come up with fresh ideas that are unique and not a carbon copy of something you’ve heard or read before. My written and verbal communication skills are on point, making it easy for me to write easy to read copy that can be understood by a lay audience. Last, I’m just easy to work with, a pain in the ass I am not!

Interested in seeing what I can do for your website or business?

If you are an editor? Send me a message via my >>CONTACT ME << page.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, let’s head over to my content marketing website >>MISS WRITE IT ALL << so I can tell you all about my services and rates.