#Recipe: Creamy vegan macaroni & cheese


*This is day 4 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge*

I was once a vegan for a year after a bad experience with dissecting a baby pig in college. Let’s just say the experience sent me running for fruits and vegetables and refusing to eat anything with eyes or that moved without the assistance of the elements.

During my year as a vegan I threw myself into the vegan lifestyle and it was amazing. I had so much energy and I hardly was sick. I mean no colds, no upset stomachs, no headaches, nada. It was great. I also learned how to prepare vegan meals that didn’t only consist of vegetables, similar to this mac and cheese recipe I’m about to share with you!

My family loves this stuff and the taste is nom nom, as my son says every time he takes a bite. Even though I’m no longer vegan, I still enjoy this meal every now and again. I find it simple to make and I think you will too.
This particular recipe is a modified version of The Pioneer Woman’s mac and cheese recipe. I love the way she prepares food and loved making her version of creamy mac and cheese. So I veganized it and here it is!


#Recipe: How to make almond milk the easy way


*This post is a part of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge hosted by Sarah Arrow and this is Day One!*

Almond milk is a staple in my home. My son has been drinking almond milk from the time he stopped breastfeeding, which was around 18 months, and my husband has to have it every day. We used to buy it in the carton and found ourselves spending a lot on it per month. Add to that the not always safe “natural” ingredients that gets added to it and you’ve got a reason to find other alternatives to having almond milk.

It was my husband’s idea to start making our own, and I was like, who got the time. But it was after I did the research on how to make it that I realized how many people are doing just that. The simplest way to make almond milk includes just a blender, filtered or spring water, and a cup or two of almonds.

Yes, literally all you need is water and almonds, and if you want a bit more taste like the flavors you find in brands like Silk, we can make that happen too. Check out the recipe below and start making your own almond milk tonight!